• Fastlove Studios is a projects lab exploring and embodying new ways of thinking and living. A space of reflection for action.

• This is an experimental and non conventional space. We are on the game to put our values to work, to plant seeds of possibility for fair futures by exploring unknown and bright shining territories. So we embrace projects that are exploratory artifacts to create shared positive impact.

• We are a creative expansion collective formed by freethinkers, artists, rebels, seekers, changemakers, creators and all kind of dreamers willing to jump into new frontiers. Enthusiastics for the eco regenerative paradigm as well as the new world of Web3, NFTs and the Metaverse working for the mainstream understanding and acceptance to make it grow.


• We want to co-create the utopian shape of the future, against hegemonic narratives and looking to seriously elevate people´s power and advocacy. Community and culture are our driving force to feed a decentralized reality while becoming headless brand

• We will be allocating disident and collaborative ideas into facts. Transfering crypto treasures into real life.



•How can we change the established? Joining visions and forces to redefine society through collective action and activism(s).


• How can we enhance our planet rather than deplete it? Designing regenerative processes and cultures creating positive intersectional impact.


• How should we face the big ethical related dilemmas?Integrating technology to multiply our innate potential in a positive transition to the future.


What systems or strategies will provide a more equitable wealth? Inclusive economies based in redistributive benefit .


• How can people be more relevant in entities? Decentralizing decision making processes: people centered organization and co-governance.


• Which are the challenges for an holistic and shared wellbeing? Amplifying good living at the intersection of personal, social and planetary health.


• How could we be creative to achieve this goal? Redefining concepts and meanings that take us to new realities.